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I wasn’t always the best student, nor did I start on my career path with the intentions of becoming a teacher.  After considering what I loved about each of my past jobs, I realized that teaching encompassed all aspects of what I most valued and wanted to contribute to my community.  Every day, whether in a classroom or at an after school activity, I find opportunities to encourage the skills of critical thinking and character development.


I choose to teach because I want to encourage students to become independent thinkers, lifelong learners, and valued members of their community.  My perennial goal is to ensure that when all students exit my class they are self-assured, able to reflect on their own knowledge, and aware of and appreciative of diversity. In my experience I have found that teaching must be multi-focus, including a curriculum which encompasses multiple and integrated disciplines, and that students learn best through exploration, discovery and inquiry.   



While in Hawaii, I have had the honor to work with some of the best public and private schools; however, I realize that these schools have all been great because they, and I, were well supported by caring administration.  Each of these administrators has trusted me to serve in a variety of teaching assignments including math, science, English language arts, foreign languages, social studies, technical education, robotics, drama and art. I am continually looking to learn something new and I encourage each of my students to do the same.


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